The Top Ten Public Speaking Coaches

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The Top Ten Public Speaking Coaches

The Top Ten Public Speaking Coaches

London, United Kingdom, Dec. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Speaking on stage is something that many people dream of – and something that many people dread. Of all phobias in the world, public speaking is considered the highest, with 75% of people suffering from speech anxiety prior to public speaking. So why is it so difficult, when we talk every day? The majority of it comes down to two things: a lack of practice, and a lack of confidence. According to Two Comma PR, in order to become a great public speaker and overcome your fears of speaking in front of people, you must learn from a great coach. Each with their own unique coaching styles and areas of expertise, here we present the top 10 public speaking coaches.

Andy Harrington – @TheAndyHarrington

Andy Harrington is a globally recognized growth expert & speaker, helping consultants, coaches & trainers get more premium clients.

Frustrated with his 9-5 job, he took a leap of faith, borrowed £10k from the bank and started his entrepreneurial journey. He has since created multiple 8 figure companies, is a best-selling author in The Sunday Times and has inspired tens of thousands from around the world.

Andy Harrington is the founder of The Professional Speakers Academy, which helps entrepreneurs position, perform and pitch their way to making a profit. His training style differs in that it includes detailed and extensive feedback analysis on students’ presentation and performance, to show them where they can make a change to generate increased results.

Andy’s coaching stems from years of experience as a keynote speaker and sharing the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. “My passion is to help others realize their potential through building an enterprise that truly makes a difference and leaves a lasting legacy,” Andy says. If you’re looking to level up, Andy Harrington is one to follow.

Jose Ucar – @jose_ucar_

Jose Ucar is a global TEDx speaker, NLP coach, international business, marketing specialist and founder of Finding Excellence. Jose has spent the last 10 years travelling the world, successfully growing and promoting different businesses by working alongside them to bring about transformational change through the power of advanced communication skills. His goal is to give you the confidence to present the best version of yourself when communicating with others and speaking in public. “My motto is, learn to communicate with yourself first, then with others, and finally broadcast your message to the world,” Jose says. This is reflected in his own personal speaking style, which he has spent years perfecting through learning neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), business, marketing and professional public speaking from some of the best coaches in the UK. Jose’s clients and partners include Othership, Prospedia Capital, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and General Assembly, to name a few. He also has a growing community of over 25 thousand students on Udemy, with his signature World-Class Communicator Online Training Course being an amazing source of knowledge to give you the skills and techniques to adapt your presenting style and speech content for maximum impact in any setting.

Tricia Brouk – @Tricia_Brouk

Tricia Brouk is an international award-winning director, author and producer. She has worked in theatre, film, and television for three decades. Building upon her work in the entertainment industry, Tricia now applies her expertise to the art of public speaking. Tricia founded The Big Talk Academy, where she teaches future leaders in the art of public speaking. “I created The Big Talk to be a loving and honest beacon of light and support in order to elevate, transform, and create a safe space that will illuminate the powerful stories of people and inspire greater humanity in the world,” Tricia says. The Big Talk is on a mission to develop heart-centred presenters, who speak with authenticity and dignity. Tricia’s book, The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean For Lasting Legacy is #1 New Release on Amazon. She has guided more than 50 speakers on to more than 15 TEDx stages in under three years. Her speakers have also spoken at the FDA, the United Nations, Congress, The Fearless Women’s Summit, Google and Pinterest. Additionally, they have also been featured in publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Swaay, The Native Influence and Thrive Global. Many of the speakers who have studied with Tricia and The Big Talk have gone on to write books and start movements of their own.

Mike Ganino – @mikeganino

Mike Ganino is a storytelling and communication expert, who teaches public speaking to some of the biggest names and global brands. Mike’s approach blends his experience as an actor with his practical experience as a leader in the hotel, restaurant, retail, and tech industries. Whether it’s on the TEDx stage (he was the Executive Producer for TEDx Cambridge), the board room, or in front of your ideal audience – Mike knows that your ability to shine in the spotlight is key to your success.

“I realized that it’s not the person with the best data or the most information who wins – it’s the person who can package all of that up in a way that creates meaning for the audience who ends up winning”, Mike says. Now, his track record includes working with organizations like Disney, American Marketing Association, and Uber.

Mike’s been named a top 30 Speaker by Global Guru, and teaches experts, authors, and business leaders to speak more effectively so their message is heard: “There’s more to presenting than PowerPoint. I work with people who want to change the world, who want to start a movement, and who realize that it all starts with a really great story told well” Mike explains.

If you want to know how to tell stories like a boss, here is a free access to Mike’s Story Craft guide. Discover 5 stories your clients need to hear!

Fana Taylor – @fanataylorspeaks

A dynamic and effective speaking coach, Fana Taylor is helping high-achieving women discover their voices by enabling them to become more intentional, authoritative, and authentic speakers. “I believe that now more than ever, the power of women’s voices and leadership are imperative to elevating professional industries and the greater society,” she declares. Stemming from her own experience of feeling inferior when meeting male clients as a young and naive real estate agent, she’s made it her mission to help women learn how to speak up for themselves in all areas of their lives. As a speaking coach, Fana offers her clients a transformational speaking experience that incorporates both traditional and practical speaking practices and techniques, along with the awareness around the energetics of speaking. Fana places so much importance on women needing to learn how to speak with precision. “Speaking with precision is not about being boring, stuffy or robotic, it refers to determining exactly who you are and owning your voice from that point going forward,” she states, “it’s about controlling your narrative and ideas by mitigating misconceptions about who you are and where you stand.”

Evolve Benton – @EvolveBenton

Evolve Benton is a speaker and educator with over a decade of experience. Evolve has worked with a multitude of universities, mid to large tech start-ups, and non-profit agencies to aid the transformation of their communities through shifting policy, climate and ideology to build equitable, diverse and inclusive environments. As a speaker and event curator, Evolve provides organizations with frameworks that challenge participants to act, rather than simply learn theories or vocabulary. Evolve realizes the importance of not only fostering diversity and inclusive education, but also providing opportunities for those who have been harmed and oppressed to heal. Evolve specializes in motivational speaking, mindfulness, self-discovery writing, and life visioning to provide a brave space for workshop participants to build their healing toolkit. Evolve describes themselves as an artistic spirit using creativity and gratitude as a form of liberation. Most recently founding the Speaking 4 Profit Academy, Evolve used their skills to develop a roadmap to support speakers in achieving two goals; to use their voice to create impact, and also make money while doing it. Evolve’s goal is to take 500 learners from zero to profit in 2021. Get access to Evolve’s new ebook “Speaking 4 Profit” 101 by joining their free group Speaking 4 Profit, How to build a six figure speaking business.

Simone Heng – @simoneheng

Having been born in Singapore, raised in Australia, schooled in Switzerland and worked in Dubai, Simone Heng is a speaking coach with a global mindset. A former international broadcaster for media outlets CNN, HBO Asia, Virgin Radio Dubai and currently CNBC, Simone is actively still working as a presenter as coaches. As a human connection expert, Simone has been invited to speak to organisations around the world, such as Google, Ted X, The United Nations, Salesforce, UBS, DBS, AIA and many more. These experiences as a global keynote speaker enables her to teach her clients the latest public speaking techniques. Having studied speechwriting under Tony Blair’s former speechwriter Philip Collins, in London, it’s no wonder Simone is sought after by numerous Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs, global corporate executives and even models wanting coaching to become beauty queens. Her company, Courageous Speaking, is an online membership centred on presentation skills with monthly webinars and support, aiming to empower people to connect with their authentic voice, at a price point accessible by all.

David Fisher –

After being almost homeless several years ago, David Fisher is now an award-winning international speaker, leadership coach, and growing author. “I spent many years looking for a hero,” David says, “As a child I imagined I was someone else who was that hero. As a teen, I was an actor, many times playing the hero (or the villain – but isn’t the villain the hero in their own story?).” As an adult he continued to act but also entered into business, before being told by his business coach, “you will never be successful until you love what you do.” Within 10 minutes of hearing this, David decided his passion laid in public speaking and leadership coaching. Now David helps others create deeper connections with themselves and others, to create a greater and more positive impact on the world through his company Kingfisher Communications. Starting off as a business communication consulting company, it is now imparting leadership through vulnerably and storytelling. “At its heart, it’s just a deeper evolution of business and organizational consulting,” David states. “It’s helping others communicate in a way that inspires and leads, whether that’s on a stage, in front of a classroom, or in a boardroom,” he finishes. Kingfisher Communications has inspired thousands of leaders worldwide to create more impactful connections through communication, storytelling, and vulnerability.

Maya Sarji (@mayasarji)

Maya Sarji is a voice performance professional that can help you master your everyday voice speaking skills.

She is a renowned professional multilingual voice actor who has recorded thousands of commercial and non-commercial scripts such as radio and TV promos, movie trailers, documentaries, interactive voice response etc.. and performed many characters and roles in several languages and dialects. Part of her success is that she doesn’t only work in English, but also French and Arabic, including Modern Standard Arabic and many other regional dialects which gives her an edge when training a multicultural audience.

Maya has built a career using her voice and her incredible ability to transform it, and is extending her voice acting and voice directing skills to the corporate world and general public, training professionals and people from all walks of life about the correct use and application of their “voice” according to their job requirements, dynamics and skill sets, thus unlocking the full potential of their voice in both their professional and personal lives.

Maya is an incredible and renowned voice actor and director because she believes in the power of voice performance and she always tailors her services to the needs of her clients. She also comes from an academic musical background, which gives her an edge as it allows her to identify and teach sound and expression. With a successful career and 20 years’ worth of knowledge and experience, she is ready to share her abilities.

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore – @coach.bsr

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore is India’s Number 1 Motivational Speaker of 2020 by CEO India Magazine, a Business coach and a Best Selling Author. He is the Founder of #ThinkRichIndia Movement under which he is helping people to grow in all aspects of their life. He has more than 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has consulted for more than 1,200 companies and addressed more than 15,00,000+ people in 2,000+ talks and 1000+ webinars throughout the world.

As if he couldn’t be more impressive, Bhupenddra was awarded ‘Asia’s Greatest Leader’ in 2017 at a forum in Singapore, named ‘Business Mentor of the Year 2018’ by Entrepreneur Magazine, and is the first Indian motivational speaker to be invited as a keynote speaker at the United Nations.

He has interviewed many Bollywood celebrities and CEOs of companies like Anand Kumar – Founder of Super 30, Kiku Sharda – Bollywood Comedian, Dia Mirza – Bollywood Actress, Brijesh Shandilya – Bollywood Singer, Sanjiv Bajaj – Founder of Bajaj Capital, Kalpana Saroj – Padma Shri and The CEO of Kamini Tubes.

His #ThinkRich Show is India’s only show to give you high power motivation every week. He does all of this for one reason, which is to help the world because he believes that “if you support the world selflessly, the whole universe will support you endlessly”.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing public speaking coaches, as they continue to thrive and help others rock the stage. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

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