New leak confirms Galaxy S21 Ultra’s support for 120Hz at

When Samsung first introduced the Galaxy S20 series last year, it gave their screens a serious upgrade with the inclusion of a 120Hz refresh rate. While the high refresh rate made for some buttery smooth animations, the overall solution was somewhat hobbled as users had to choose between the 120Hz refresh rate and the screen’s full QHD+ resolution.

With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is quickly shaping up to be one of the best Android phones, Samsung is fixing that with the ability to enable both the QHD resolution and the 120Hz refresh rate simultaneously. Prolific Samsung leaker @UniverseIce, who previously also reported on the feature, has now given us even more proof, thanks to a screenshot of the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s display settings.

As can be seen from the phone’s settings, not only is the screen’s resolution set to 3200 x 1440 (WQHD+), but the ‘motion smoothness’ configuration is also set to ‘Adaptive’, which is the option that allows for higher refresh rates.

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While the Galaxy S20 series was also technically capable of supporting both features simultaneously, Samsung intentionally chose to forego that option. Concerns about the high rate of power consumption by a screen operating at both a high resolution and a high refresh rate were believed to be behind that decision.

Thus while the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which has a comparatively larger battery, may offer the option to run both features at the same time, the Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus probably won’t, as a result of their smaller battery capacity.

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