Google Reader lives on in Chrome’s latest feature, available now

Google Reader is finally back from the dead, sort of. Google Chrome is rolling out with a new “Follow” button that allows users to add a website to a new RSS feed in the browser.

The feature was announced on Friday by Google’s director of engineering, Adrienne Porter Felt, who says that the feature is available on stable versions of Chrome. The RSS feed will appear next to the Discover feed on Chrome’s new tab page.

The feature is reminiscent of Google Reader, a popular RSS service that was killed in 2013, leaving users to seek other ways to keep up with the latest news and updates from particular websites.

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The new “Follow” button has been in the works on the Chrome Canary developer channel since May, but apparently, it’s ready for prime time, and anyone can try it out.

The feature should be available automatically for some users, but if you don’t see it turned on, you can enable the Chrome flag under “web feed.” Once it’s enabled, you can start following sites by navigating to the three-dot menu and selecting “Follow” at the bottom.

So far, the feature is only available on the best Android phones with Chrome 94+. iOS and desktop versions are planned.

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