Pixel 6 Pro leak shows how the phone is made

Pixel 6 Pro Factory LeakSource: Zeus Olympus/ YouTube

Now that we know that Google will announce the Pixel 6 on October 19, you can wait patiently to find out its official specs and design…or check out any of the huge number of Pixel 6 leaks that keep appearing.

The latest leak gives us a break from the endless specs speculation. Instead, it appears to show how the Pixel 6 is actually made. Presumably filmed by a factory worker who took a Pixel 6 Pro and his assembly tools home, the video shows a step-by-step process for how someone could put a Pixel together, given the right tools. 9to5Google first spotted the video.

With cutesy music and on-screen instructions showing potential dangers to avoid, the video gives us a look at the Pixel 6 Pro’s components: the SIM tray, UWB connector, speaker, rear camera module, battery, 5G modem, and so on. We didn’t see actual computing components like Google Tensor in the leak, however.

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Overall, it’s a rather overwhelming video, showing the number of components that must be screwed or glued into place — and could all come apart if not constructed properly. It really shows why third-party repair can be so difficult, given how tricky it can be to reach a specific damaged component.

While this new video constructs the Pixel 6 Pro, the channel’s other leaked video shows how to take it apart safely. We wonder if iFixit and other teardown experts will use these videos as a guide.

We’re excited to check out the official Pixel 6 Pro in a little over a week, as it’s sure to compete with the best Android phones. But these video guides certainly didn’t convince us we could make our own Pixel.

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