Yankees Rumors: Aaron Boone has surprise NL West suitor

Since the New York Yankees were eliminated in the Wild Card Game by the Boston Red Sox, many insiders have taken the team’s radio silence to indicate tacit approval for manager Aaron Boone, whose contract is about to expire.

Perhaps that’s not it at all, though? Maybe the next steps are simply percolating faster than we’d imagined, and other clubs are beginning to get involved by planting rumors.

Brian Cashman can’t hide from the media forever — and the San Diego Padres seem poised to push the issue.

How’s that for a shocker just before first pitch of Rays-Red Sox?

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Padres are trying to put the squeeze on the Bombers to get a “Yes or No?” answer regarding Boone’s availability.

Six days after the Yankees’ elimination from the 2021 postseason, we still haven’t heard a peep about whether or not Boone will reach free agency.

Could the Yankees lose Aaron Boone to the San Diego Padres?

An important distinction for Yankee fans: Boone cannot be fired. It also wouldn’t be a good look if the Yankees were to welcome him back on a one-year, lame-duck managerial deal. Either he’s back in the Bronx for two or three seasons, or the team announces a mutual parting of the ways in the coming days, indicated by…inaction. Nothing needs to be ripped up. No contract needs to be redrawn. Boone can simply leave.

The Padres would be an…interesting fit, considering they’re another hyper-talented club with cultural growing pains that just endured a summer collapse. Boone has done a great job piloting an uber-talented team to the postseason in the past, but has struggled to adjust after reaching the dance. Why the free-wheeling AJ Preller would think he’s the man to turn around a sinking ship is beyond us.

As FanSided MLB insider Robert Murray posited earlier this week, former Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington could be in play for the position in San Diego, too. Perhaps, though, AJ Preller and the Pads don’t want to make any sudden moves until they can rule out adding Boone to the fray.

Which would’ve — and we cannot stress this enough — created a reunion with Larry Rothschild, if the pitching coach hadn’t been fired midseason.

Hilariously, the Padres’ supposed wish list looks a lot like what Yankee fans are eyeing, too — minus Boone, of course.

If Boone immediately lands in California, that’d be one thing.

If San Diego pivots at the last second and hires Buck, then thrives in 2021? You’ll really see Yankees fans’ heads explode.


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